3 Winner Giveaway at Top2Bottom Reviews

It’s a great site with a great staff, and I’m pleased to announce that starting today at Top2Bottom Reviews:

In honor of the release of  “A Lieutenant’s Love” for the Amazon Kindle, complete with a beautiful new cover, Red Haircrow is offering the opportunity for THREE lucky contestants to each win an E-Copy of that book, as well as the choice of any one of his other titles: Night Shift, Katrdeshtr’s Redemption, The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire, or The Coat: Secrets of a Hatcheck Boy. That’s right! Three fans will win A Lieutenant’s Love and a choice of a second book.

    Entering is easy: simply leave a comment on this post at Top2Bottom Reviews  before 11:59pm EST on Friday, May 20, 2011 and you’re automatically entered to win.

    Red will conduct a random drawing and contact the lucky winners!

    Good Luck!

Also, don’t miss my interview at their site: “Songs of the Universal Vagabond”  and my guest post “Sailing Into Summer With Red Haircrow!”

Description: “Lieutenant Jarryd Alyt has given blood and soul in service to the Duke, yet suffering the loss of a beloved companion drives him near the brink of despair. Disillusioned though still loyal, when new recruit Arin arrives, Jarryd is struck by the youth’s innocence and beauty. But will the horror of war strike before Jarryd summons the courage to love again?”

* * * *


   “Haircrow’s magnificent command of language, skill in showing events using a minimum of words had me spellbound from beginning to end.” –Rainbow Reviews

    “The language is beautiful, the descriptions drew me in, the deep emotions evident in both main characters held my attention. Even if you don’t normally like historicals, this is one I don’t think you want to miss.” –Serena Yates at Queer Magazine Online

    “…Beautifully written, the story took me away with the almost poetic way that it is written…” –The Romance Reviews

   “A poignant ending and a gift for expressive language and imagery are the hallmarks of this brief but deeply romantic tale. It reaches the emotions of lovers of a good romance and tugs at the heartstrings.” –Top2Bottom Reviews


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