Updates-20 June 2011

Here’s a few updates to let readers and writers know what’s going on with Flying With Red Haircrow:

  • All review requests that have received a confirmation message are in queue, and will be reviewed and posted in the order in which they were received.
  • If you have sent a review request but not received a confirmation, please check our guidelines to see if you’ve provided the things we need or your work fits within our parametres.
  • We will be posting reviews approximately weekly in groups, a few at a time, or however many we’ve completed. They will still autofeed individually to other sites.
  • We’ve begun to manually add reviews to Amazon.com, so you may wish to check if yours is there. If not, drop us a line.
  • Via Poland, we are now finally back in Germany after living in the US the past two years. A few surprises, and more personal changes to come, but otherwise everything is going well enough.
  • Just a few words of encouragement: Keep writing and/or publishing! Keep doing whatever it is you love. Take time for special moments of peace with yourself to rebuild energy and focus.


Best wishes,

Red Haircrow



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