July Celebration at The Romance Reviews: Sizzling Summer Reads

From July 1-28 2011!

For all lovers of erotic romance and/or GLBT fiction and erotica head over to the high energy review website: The Romance Reviews and be a part of their July celebration. Over 50 authors are participating in giveaways, chat sessions and free prizes for winners who enter by commenting, playing games and visiting websites to learn answers for the author questions.

As you can see from the poster, over $5000 of prizes are up for grabs, including 8 pairs of tickets to RomCon 2011. Each pair are worth $490! How’s that for fantastic prizes!

More details are available on-site, so head over their and get involved with the fun & games. Find work by some of your favorite authors or discover new authors to suit your reading tastes.

 * * * *

I’m also participating in the event, with a giveaway taking place for my latest release: The Angel of Berlin.

Description: When Robin, a young university student, saves the life of a beautiful youth, he finds he’s made a devoted friend. But without memory and voice, the newly named Angel is a mystery, occasionally exasperating with his child-like qualities yet with touches of darkness that make Robin wonder what kind of being he’s really taken in. A tale of magical realism and innocent love set in modern Berlin.

Released on 23 May 2011, it’s already been rated 5 out of 5 stars at:

“No matter what he’s writing about, Red has an absolutely gorgeous style to his writing, with a narrative voice that is almost hypnotic.

This is a story that began with a dream, and that dreamlike quality comes through in the story. Red draws us into his dream with beautifully seductive language, painting a picture in our minds that is, at the same time, both vivid and subtle.” Bibrary Bookslut

“There is no doubt Red Haircrow has a gift for descriptive prose; the vivid imagery the author presents through the selection of language sketches a picture for the reader that is rich in feeling and atmosphere. It is, in its way, quite poetic, and in the case of The Angel of Berlin lends to the dream-like quality of this lovely fantasy.”Top2Bottom Reviews


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