A Kiss Before You Leave Me by James Hulbert

Review: “A Kiss Before You Leave Me” cast a spell over me from the opening words. It was so strange and unexpected to be drawn into a place and time so smoothly, introduced to characters who were both apathetic and intense. I loved the introspective air of the narrative, the reflective nature of the thoughts and ideas presented as the narrator invites you to see the world from their omniscient view.  There were times when I wanted to just read the story, the actions and conversations taking place, without “that voice” pointing things out but honestly I would say I prefer the author’s method instead of a point of view switching back and forth.

Heavy with dialogue in some places, at others, there were mostly descriptions. Normally that’s a writing style that is also problematic for me, but yet again, that spell the author had cast upon me smoothed everything into a mesmerizing, compelling whole.

I enjoy the contemplative, the complex, and the subtle, as relationships, whether of a romantic nature or other kind, can be thus. “A Kiss Before You Leave Me” develops as the kind of affair you might have had (if you were lucky or cursed, depending on how you look at it) that makes you think deeper, drawing emotions not only from your heart and mind, but your very soul. Surface things are not always as they appear, motives, intentions, people. Seductive, powerful, whatever things I might wish had been different are meaningless because I found “A Kiss Before You Leave Me” to be excellent overall. Very pleased to have been offered review of this work of literary fiction.

Description: Three master manipulators–and a woman in love–clash in the worlds of surveillance, voyeurism, and art.

Miranda Kincaid used liquor and other men to flee the control of her husband Vince and his mother Kathleen. Now divorced, sober, and man-free, she’s putting her life back together. Vince, now her friend, wants her back–and his mother will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Kathleen’s secret weapon? A new man: a seductive, married misfit, a once and future painter with demons of his own–and his own plans for Miranda.

Equal parts moral tale and “guilty pleasure,” “A Kiss Before You Leave Me” is plotted like a thriller, but its most memorable violence is emotional–and all the more disturbing because it’s done in the name of love.

Kindle Edition
Published September 9th 2010
ASIN: B0042JT19G
Source: Author

Author Bio:

Although James Hulbert has spent the bulk of his life in the United States, he has lived and worked on three continents, as a bartender, food bank coordinator, government worker, Peace Corps Volunteer, research assistant, teacher, translator, and video rental clerk. He is married to a painter, for whom he has somehow never posed nude, at least not in a professional capacity. His blog is at http://jaschawrites.blogspot.com; at Twitter he is @jaschawrites; his Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Hulb… ‘A Kiss Before You Leave Me’ is his first novel.


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