The LL Book Review & Updates

Just an update that may be of especial interest to the small press, self or independently published authors that I review or who are seeking reviews, I will now also be working with the staff at The LL Book Review group. This means that besides my usual auto feeds to Twitter and Facebook (and wherever else those notices filter down to), as well as my manual uploads to Goodreads and Amazon, reviews may also be posted at LL Book Review.

For those interested in being reviewed directly with their group, please visit their “Pick Me!” page, which allows the author to publicly post a review request and if accepted, check the status of their submission. I thought this was a novel idea which helps the author better understand how to compose a request and what information should be included.

Here’s a link to a great article on their site that can help all authors, whatever your experience level “12 Words Every Writer Should Know and Use”: Creativity, Storytelling, Listen, Surrender, Criticism, Time, Patience, Read, Rejection, Loneliness, Character and Fun.

In any case, The LL Book Review is another reviewing source that isn’t afraid of indie authors and their work, nor looks down on the self-published as unworthy. Believe me, I find some of your work infinitely worthy.

Other updates: Flying With Red Haircrow is again open to review requests. Please read through our Seekers of Review and About Me page to see if you’d like to submit. We are accepting on a case-by-case, limited basis at this time.


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