Clown by Paul Montgomery

CLOWN-WEB-smallReview: An intriguing premise can always catch my eye, and having a character whose face changes pattern daily whether they wish it to or not, was definitely one. And even as basically simple as the cover image for Clown is, I felt it strongly and strikingly conveyed most of the mood of the story: a kind of aimless wandering of Clown, both physically and emotionally.

That being said, it’s that same quality which made it rather difficult for me to progress through the book. Especially, at over 450 pages of roughly the same feel, I didn’t experience a sense of purpose, a build-up, climax or true resolution even if there are some scenes and characters who brightened or added complexity to the narrative. Overall, I just felt a number of revisions could have added focus and drive, which certainly can always be challenging to any author. Maybe I’ve missed the point of the work, but it’s listing as Book One suggests there will be more and many of the questions might finally be answered.

Description: “Fantasy, adventure, heroes, legends, dragons, and a man named Clown.

Clown never felt like he belonged. Even in the circus, where he was abandoned as a child, he never felt fully at home. Every day he woke to find his face wearing a different pattern, denying him the chance to ever see his true self. On a mountain, which no one else could see, he made a deal to save the life of a phoenix, and sparked an adventure which led him from our world to the world that once was. A world filled with old heroes and legends, gods and demons, ghosts and monsters.

From the depths of the earth, to the haven which once hosted gods, and on to the very moon, Clown’s path will lead him through triumph and sacrifice, discovering what it is to be a hero, and how the world can be shaped. And in doing so, he will learn why some deals are more dangerous than others, some souls are worth saving, who the mysterious Gabriel is, and maybe, just maybe, bring him face to face with a dragon.”

  • Kindle Edition, 455 pages
  • Published April 14th 2012
  • ASIN: B007UFS45Q
  • Available on, .uk.
  • Source: Author

Author Profile

I moved from Liverpool to London in 2000, and on to Kent in 2012.

I enjoy a variety of genres, but enjoy horror, fantasy, comedy and the occasional thriller the most. Accepting reviews is opening my eyes again, and I’m quite enjoying a few different tastes out there.

I cheerfully admit to being a bit of a geek (it’s our time now!), enjoying various comics, games, movies, etc. So you may find some random and relatively obscure references.

I’m happy to chat, offer ideas, feedback, reviews, promotions, interviews and help in any way I can.



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