Red Haircrow Review? Then what is “Flying With Red Haircrow”?

As you can see at this page, Red Haircrow Review, you visit our “Seekers…” page, we are currently closed to review requests. We still accept promotional posts,  press releases, interview requests etc. only for work within our genre list.

Please include all applicable information such as image files, synopsis, buy links, author bio, etc. If you are unfamiliar with what is needed, search “standard book press release.”  Send the information in and we will share the post free of charge. Please supply all relevant information or we cannot post or search for it.

Our posts automatically feed to Twitter, our Facebook pages (Red Haircrow & Flying With Red Haircrow) and filter out to others such as Amazon and all other places we are linked.

* * * *

Flying With Red Haircrow, is our multi-media production company. We offer several services at reasonable, competitive prices such as those below but are not limited to:

  • Press and Promotional material
  • Manuscript editing and formatting
  • Website creation, maintenance and support
  • Consultations & Native Workshops

Please view our mission and website. You’re always welcome to submit or send inquiries. We have a convenient template form to do so, and we reply as soon as possible.


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