Seekers of Review & Other Services

At Red Haircrow Review, I respect the courage it takes to allow someone to read or view your work because it can reflect your ideals, dreams and inner self. Aspects that might not ordinarily be presented to the world. In many ways I understand the creative process because I am a writer and artist myself, but like anyone else I have my likes and dislikes.

I would never promise an entirely positive review, but I remain objective and will always be fair. Also, I will never be derogatory or use wording that disrespects the author and the enormous time and effort they may have put into their work. As of 2016, this is the sixth year of our existence, and continues and will always be without charge. We strive to provide comprehensive, objective and helpful reviews both for authors and readers/viewers.

Please read guidelines carefully, and take the time to read the About page as it provide professional and personal background information. This can help in making an informed decision on whether this is an appropriate venue for your genre or project. For those seeking professional collaboration, editing/formatting services or publishing opportunities, etc., please visit our business site Flying With Red Haircrow Productions.



Books: We accept fiction and non-fiction in most genres (please see exceptions below), as well as scholarly and academic work. We accept all ratings, with the one clause that sexual explicitness or violence needs to be relevant to the story if present. Self-published or independently published books are fine. Please make it your best edition.

We do not accept: politics, political themes or plots; religion, religious themes or plots; military personnel or military themed plots, fiction or non-fiction. We do not accept any work supporting or promoting the belief of superiority of one group or another for any reason. We do not accept romance of any kind, young adult or children books.

Film & Video: We accept all genres and ratings, with the one clause that sexual explicitness or violence needs to be relevant to the story if present, reserving the right to reject any we feel does not meet that standard or other general industry specs. Material accepted includes short and feature length films, music videos, documentaries or other special themes or formats.

Although we are open to many genres, please first use the form below to query if we are interested in your particular story or theme. If we are, we will contact you and request a file. We endeavor to respond to inquiries within twenty-four hours. We try to post reviews no later than eight weeks from when we receive the file, but return time depends on our schedule.


For those seeking interview, you need only query using the same form below, specifying Interview. We will email you a copy of questions and our minimal guidelines. For your interview to posted, please provide at least one photo/image file, book or film description, link to your work, and an author bio.



If you have a press releases, promo or new release post, contact us using the form below. We will provide the email address where you can send your promo/info.  For your information to be added, please include all information that is normally required in a standard press release/kit: cover image, descriptions, all relevant links, where to buy, etc. We only post work in our accepted genres.



  • We reserve the right to reject any work that does not meet our guidelines or which we may not personally find of current interest.
  • Please do not add our email address(es) to a mailing list for any reason or to submit your information.
  • Please do not post our reviews/interviews in their entirety in other locations, under another name or your own.
  • Please provide a link back to this site if using any quotes. Any quotes I use will link back their source or supply origin.
  • All material will reveal method of delivery, whether it’s from a publisher, author or self-purchase. No ebook provided will be shared, posted or given away for any reason.


Latest update 16 March 2016.


5 responses to “Seekers of Review & Other Services

  1. I will look forward to the opportunity of reading your work.

  2. Thanks for your interest in Flying With Red Haircrow, but at the moment we’re not taking any new requests. Please see the “Seekers of Review” page. We will update it when we are “open” again.

  3. No problem, thank you for the opportunity.

  4. Thank you for your comment. Heart surgery, especially when replacing parts has a longer recovery time, but I am feeling better overall. I hope to be able to open for reviews again on a limited basis within the next months.

    Red Haircrow

  5. No, its not fun at all, but you understand that truly more than most. Best wishes.

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